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Songs for Saplings: Questions with Answers

 Another musical Scripture memory resource I want to highlight would be any CDs put out by the ministry of Songs for Saplings. We have several of their CDs and listen to them frequently!

Songs for Saplings is the ministry of James and Dana Dirksen. They strive to create catchy songs that will help convey deep biblical truth for children. My favorites are the volumes titled Questions with Answers. Each album is based on a digest of the Westminster Short Catechism. Each song answers a question and includes a Bible verse reference– so you are, in fact, learning theology through these catchy songs!

There are currently three volumes in this series (with a fourth coming next month):

Questions with Answers Vol I: God and Creation

Questions with Answers Vol II: The Fall and Salvation

Questions with Answers Vol III: Christ and His Work

Questions with Answers Vol IV: The Word of God (coming next month)

For younger children, check out the Songs for Saplings line. Based on either numbers or the alphabet, these songs have a verse set to music. The Christian blog Totally Tots has free printable verse sheets for each song on Songs for Saplings: ABC.

Songs for Saplings: ABC

Songs for Saplings: 123 

If you’re interested in checking out their music, check out their free sampler CD  (free MP3 download from their website). MP3 albums can be purchased through Amazon or iTunes.

We listen to these albums frequently, and I love that the Word and truth of God is getting into Jonathan and Grace’s hearts (and mine as well)!

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Seeds Family Worship

I’ve recently heard many good things about a set of CDs called Seeds Family Worship. I was delighted when Ann Schwaar gave us some to review and consider using with Trinity Kids. And, in short, Seeds blew me away.

The story behind Seeds is that a worship pastor was asked to come up with some songs to teach children to memorize Bible verses during a church VBS. The songs were creative, fun, and catchy and Seeds Family Worship was born! The goal of Seeds Family Worship is to plant God’s Word in the hearts of families.

To date, there are currently 6 CDs in the Seeds family. These albums give you a chance  to plant seeds of Scripture into your children– over 60 Bible passages! What’s best, the style of the music is fun and contemporary and will even appeal to adults– even I have fun singing along with Jonathan!

The CDs in the current Seeds line up are based around different themes:

Seeds of Courage (Vol. 1)
Seeds of Faith (Vol. 2)
Seeds of Praise (Vol. 3)
Seeds of Purpose (Vol. 4)
The Power of Encouragement (Vol. 5)
Seeds of Character (Vol. 6)

In addition to the CDs, they offer memory cards to go along with the songs, activity ideas for families to do together, and chord charts for the more musically inclined.

If you are looking for a fresh way to memorize Scripture for either yourself or your child, these albums are a wonderful tool. You can purchase them in MP3 format from online retailers (such as Amazon or iTunes), but if you purchase the CDs directly from the ministry, each CD comes with two CDs– one to keep and one to give away!

You can also listen to all of the music free on their website. Here’s a video I found of Seeds in concert. Even Grace (at 17 months) tries to do the hand motions. Enjoy! (Thanks Ann for passing these CDs along!)

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