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Advent and Christmas Books, Music and Film for Children

Read some of these each year to make some fond family memories and teach your children about the real meaning of Christmas!

You can also download this list in PDF format: TCC Kids Advent Christmas Recommendations.

Christmas Picture Books for Children

Bergen, Lisa Tawn. God Gave Us Christmas. A little bear discovers that Jesus is the best present of all. (Board Book)

Bowman, Crystal. She has many Christmas themed board books that try to point to Christ. Try A Star for Jesus or many others. (Board Book)

Carlson, Melody. Twas the Night: The Nativity Story. A retelling of the nativity story to the cadence of the poem “The Night Before Christmas”. (Preschool-Up)

Graham, Ruth Bell. One Wintry Night. A boy hears the Christmas story, from Creation through Resurrection. (Grades 3+)

Gully, Beth. The Other Side of Christmas. Blending the Santa story with the Jesus story, this book will be a favorite for years to come for the young and the young at heart.

Heyer, Carol. Humphrey’s First Christmas. Story of the wise men from the perspective of their camel. (Preschool-Up)

Higgs, Liz Curtis. The Pine Tree Parable. A farmer’s wife learns the blessings of being generous. (Preschool-Up)

Hodges, Margaret. Silent Night: The Song and Its Story. Gives the beautiful story of how the song came to be written. (Kindergarten-Up)

Hunt, Angela Elwell. The Tale of the Three Trees. A folk tale about three trees that grow up to be Jesus’ manger, boat, and cross tells the tale of Jesus’ life and ministry. (Preschool-Up)

Idle, Molly. Night, Night Baby Jesus– The animals in the manger welcome the baby Jesus. (Preschool)

Jeffers, Susan. Silent Night– sets the words of the hymn to pictures of the nativity. (Kindergarten-Up)

Johnson, Eldon. The King’s Christmas List. Emma can’t wait to go to the King’s birthday party—but doesn’t know what gift to bring. (Preschool-Up)

Jones, Sally Lloyd. My Merry Christmas and the Real Reason for Christmas Joy. This book helps children relate secular holiday customs and symbols to something more important: Jesus’ birth. (Preschool-Up)

Jones, Sally Lloyd. Song of the Stars: A Christmas Story. Beautiful book describes how creation celebrates the coming of Jesus. (Preschool-Up)

Lowry, Mark. Mary, Did You Know? Views the nativity from Mary’s perspective. (Preschool-Up)

Lucado, Max. The Crippled Lamb. Beautiful story of a little lamb with a crippled leg who discovers that God has a special purpose for his life. (Preschool-Up)

Mackall, Dandi Daley. The Gift of the Christmas Cookie. Helps teach the meaning of Christmas through Christmas cookies. (Preschool-Up)

Mead, Arden. Do You See What I See? A Seek and Find Book for Advent. Tells the Christmas story through devotions, rhymes, and picture puzzles. (Kindergarten-Up)

Myra, Harold. Santa, Are You For Real? This story tells about the historic Saint Nicholas, without getting into whether or not Santa is real. (Preschool-Up)

Osborne, Rick. The Legend of the Christmas Tree. Children discover how the evergreen tree became the familiar Christmas symbol. (Preschool-Up)

Osborne, Rick. The Legend of the Christmas Stocking. A little boy discovers the meaning behind hanging and filling Christmas stockings. (Preschool-Up)

Stiegemeyer, Julie. Saint Nicholas: The Real Story of the Christmas Legend. Tells the true story of Nicholas and how he served God and reflected God’s love to others. (Kindergarten-Up)

Tangvald, Christine. The Best Thing about Christmas. This book celebrates the wonderful things about Christmas- presents, family, food, but explains that the best thing is Jesus! (Preschool-Up)

Vivas, Julie. The Nativity. This book takes the KJV Christmas story and combines it with engaging illustrations. (Preschool-Up)

Walburg, Lori. The Legend of the Candy Cane. Beautiful story explains how the favorite Christmas candy points to Jesus. (Preschool-Up)

Waddell, Martin. Room for a Little One: A Christmas Tale. The animals come one by one into the shelter of a stable—until a donkey comes bearing Mary and Joseph. (Preschool-Up)

Wangerin Jr., Walter. Mary’s First Christmas. Mary tells her five year old son about the special night of His birth. (Preschool-Up)

Watson, Jane Werner. The Christmas Story. Classic Golden Book retelling of the Christmas story. (Preschool-Up)

Wojchiechowski , Susan. Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey.  Beautiful story tells the message of Christmas and how it slowly transforms a lonely woodcarver. (1st Grade-Up)

Read Alouds/Books for Older Children

The Best Christmas Pagent Ever by Barbara Robinson

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Familyman Christmas a treasury by Todd Wilson

Advent Family Devotionals

James, Scott. The Expected One. This devotional focuses on the promises of God leading up to its ultimate fulfillment in Jesus. (Elementary-Up)

Garborg, Carol. When will it be Christmas? 25 Stories and Family activities for advent. Capture the childhood excitement and joy of counting down the days until Christmas with this fun hands-on devotional.

Ramsey, Russ. Behold the Lamb of God. Personal and family devotional tracing the promise of God through Scripture. Has an accompanying CD by Andrew Peterson. (Junior High-Up)

White, Amanda. Truth in the Tinsel. Goes through the Christmas story with crafts for each day. (Preschool-Up)

Ytreeide, Arnold. Arnold has published several Advent devotionals which tell the Christmas story through the eyes of a child living in ancient Israel. The stories and characters all connect together and are meant to be read from Advent-Christmas. (Elementary-Up)

  1. Jotham’s Journey
  2. Bartholomew’s Passage
  3. Tabitha’s Travels
  4. Ishtar’s Odyssey


Why Do We Call It Christmas (What’s in the Bible)— Addresses many common Christmas traditions and how they all point to Christ.  (also available for FREE streaming through the church’s Right Now Media account. )

The Nativity Story– movie appropriate for older children

Veggie Tales: St. Nicholas– tells the story of the man behind Santa Claus.


A Slugs and Bugs Christmas by Randall Goodgame– features both Christmas hymns and silly songs. Randall hosted a Slugs and Bugs concert at our church last year.

Waiting Songs– Rain for Roots- advent songs for children.

Behold the Lamb of God by Andrew Peterson- songs which accompany the devotional listed above.


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