Unit 10, Session 2: God Rejected Saul as King

Dear Parents,


Last week, we saw how Israel demanded a human king to rule over them. God’s intention was to provide the perfect King for His people in Jesus, so He warned Israel about the problems they would face if they chose a human king instead. The people did not heed God’s warning, and God gave them Saul to be their king.


This week, we will see that God’s warnings about a human king began to come true with Saul. Saul looked just like the kind of king that the people wanted, but he sinned when he tried to offer a sacrifice that only the priest was allowed to give. Because of this, God rejected Saul as king.


Help your kids understand that Jesus is our perfect King and that we can trust and follow Him completely. Talk with them about our need to obey God completely and that we should do so because of our love for Him.

Unit 10 Session 2


●     Babies and Toddlers

  • Jesus is our King.
  • King Saul did not obey God.
  • God was going to choose a new king.
  • Jesus is our King who always obeyed God.

●     Preschool

  • Who is our King? Jesus is our King forever.
  • Saul disobeyed God, so he could not be king anymore.

●     Kids

  • Who is our King? Jesus is our King forever, and He rules over the world.
  • God rejected Saul as king because of his sin.



●     Psalm 47:7-8 (Preschool: Psalm 47:7)



●     “David Was Anointed and Fought Goliath” (1 Samuel 16-17)


Check out the Gospel Project for Kids Family App for more ways to interact with the Bible content each week.


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