Josiah Chooses to Follow God: Elementary Lesson for Week 4 of November

This week, we’re discovering:

In this week’s Bible story, King Josiah was very young when he started ruling (2 Kings 22-23). He could have followed in the footsteps of the kings before him and disobeyed God’s law. But when he heard God’s words read from the scrolls, he realized this was not wise. He decided to tear down the temples and idols to other gods and refocus Judah on God’s law.


Our Bottom Line is: If you want to be wise, look before you leap. Proverbs 22:3 says, “Wise people see danger and go to a safe place. But childish people keep going and suffer for it.” This verse encourages us to stop and think before we follow what others are doing. Just like Josiah taught us, even if others are doing something, that doesn’t mean it’s something we should do. We need to look carefully and make sure we’re making a wise choice.


The monthly memory verse is: “Choose my teaching instead of silver. Choose knowledge rather than fine gold.” Proverbs 8:10, NIrV Nothing we want—not riches or popularity—compares with the value of living wisely. Following God’s wisdom is worth any sacrifice we might have to make.



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