Choose Your Words Carefully: Elementary Lesson for Week 2 of November

This week, we’re discovering:

In this week’s Biblical principle, Solomon, the wisest person who ever lived, teaches us to choose our words wisely. “Thoughtless words cut like a sword. But the tongue of wise people brings healing.” (Proverbs 12:18, NIrV) Speaking without thinking can cause damage. But wise words can help.


Our Bottom Line is: If you want to be wise, think before you speak. When we’re upset or emotional, we may be tempted to blurt out hurtful words that we might regret after we’ve calmed down. But taking a moment to think about the other people’s thoughts and feelings allows us to choose our words wisely. Imagine the great friendships we could have if we used our words to help others and heal situations.


The monthly memory verse is: “Choose my teaching instead of silver. Choose knowledge rather than fine gold.” Proverbs 8:10, NIrV Taking the time to think about choosing wise words will help us build stronger relationships. And strong relationships are more valuable than any treasure we might find.

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