Family Devotions for Early Childhood, Sunday Aug 18: Joseph Reassures His Brothers

Bible Text: Genesis 50:15-26

Key Point of Passage: Joseph’s brothers were afraid that he would not forgive the bad things they had done to him, but Joseph knew that God had planned it all for good . 

Memory Verse: (They) planned to harm (him), but God planned it for good (Genesis 50:20).

Questions for Discussion:

1)      Joseph’s brothers knew they had done many mean things to him when they were young. Have you ever been hurt by a brother or sister or friend?

2)      Joseph’s brothers were scared he would be mad. Did they say they were sorry and ask Joseph to forgive them?

3)      Joseph trusted that God would use everything for good, even the mean things his brothers had done. Does God still use everything for good?

4)      Does God wants us to trust him and forgive others when they hurt us too?

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