Udder Disaster (The Golden Calf)- Sunday May 12

6877MAY_MATRIXAs a fruit of the Spirit, patience is foundational in the way that we reflect God’s character. When we show patience, we are less likely to hurt our relationships with others. We are more likely to trust that God has something better for us in the future.

Patience is waiting until later for what you want now. Waiting isn’t always easy. When having patience seems too difficult, the Lord will give us strength to wait. At its core, patience is fueled by faith. We trust that what we’re waiting for is best for us.

But patience is more than just waiting. It’s also about our attitude while we wait. A patient person can wait with joy even when the situation might be stressful or anxious. A patient person avoids searching or settling for a quick fix. A patient person will remember that we generally prefer to be around someone who can wait well.

For God, it seems as though patience is all about relationships with people. Even after we sinned, He still pursued us. He has waited time after time for people to repent and work to make things right. And it’s something He still does for us today.

This month, let’s think about how:

(1) God has been patient with us since the very beginning. He waits patiently for us to come to back Him.

(2) The Bible challenges us to reflect patience in our lives with how we respond to circumstances that are out of our control.

(3) As we demonstrate patience, we begin to look more like Jesus. People around us will feel they can trust us to treat them gracefully while we’re waiting.

This week, we’re discovering:

In this week’s Bible story, the Israelites grow impatient waiting for Moses to finish meeting with God (Exodus 32:1-35). They ask Aaron to build an idol for them to follow instead of God. When Moses returns to see them gathered around a golden calf, the Israelites immediately regret their impatience.

Our Bottom Line is: when you think you can’t wait, don’t forget what’s true. God had put Moses in charge of the Israelites and led them out of slavery. But in a moment of impatience, they forgot everything they’d experienced. From them, we can learn to be patient and trust the people in charge.

The monthly memory verse is, Wait for the Lord. Be strong and don’t lose hope. Wait for the Lord.” Psalm 27:14, NIrV When we start to lose hope, remembering the truth of what God has done will help us wait well.

At Home 

Download this week’s GodTime (May, Week 2)

Download this week’s ParentCue (May, Week 2)

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