Preschool-Kindergarten, Sunday Apr 21: Elijah on Mount Carmel

Bible Text: 1 Kings 18:1-39

Read with Me Bible Reference: Pages 201-207

Key Point of Passage: God is the only true and powerful god; there is no other.

Memory Verse: The Lord is the one and only God. (1 Kings 18:39)

Questions for Discussion:

1)     The people of Israel had started to worship other idols called Baal instead of worshiping God. So Elijah set up a contest between Baal and God to see who would be able to send fire from heaven. The prophets of the idol Baal prayed and prayed, but did Baal answer them?

2) What about when Elijah prayed to God, did God answer him?

3) What normally happens when you put water on fire?

4) But God’s fire was so strong, it licked up all the water. How strong is our God?

5) Since God is the only true God, all the people of Israel decided to follow Him at the end of the story. Do you want to follow God too?


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