The Write Stuff (Paul Writes to Rome)- Sunday April 7

APR_MATRIXFriendship is spending time with someone you trust and enjoy. Just as Jesus spent time with His friends so they could get to know Him better, we can build trust and have fun with our friends as we spend time with them.

But we often take friendship for granted. We daily have friend requests on Facebook that make us feel hyper-connected with “strangers” on the other side of the Internet connection. We live in a culture struggling to define true friendship.

Yet in spite of that, we can know what true friendship is all about. God went to the ends of the earth to make friendship with Him possible. He sacrificed His only Son, Jesus, to bridge the gap in our relationship.

This week, we’re discovering:

In this week’s Bible story, Paul writes to the believers in Rome, teaching them about accepting one another (Romans 14:13; 15:7; Acts 9). Paul experienced this himself when he first started following Christ and the believers struggled to forget his past. Ananias first befriended Paul, and then Barnabas helped the other believers accept him, too.

Our Bottom Line is: friends accept one another. Even if someone has different interests than us, has a different background, or makes a bad choice, we can still accept and help them.

The monthly memory verse is: A friend loves at all times. He is there to help when trouble comes.” Proverbs 17:17 NIrV When a friend is having a tough time, our acceptance can make a big difference in helping that friend.

At Home 

Download this week’s GodTime (April, Week 1)

Download this week’s Parent Cue (April, Week 1)


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