Preschool-Kindergarten, Sunday May 20: Saul Meets Jesus

Bible Text: Acts 9:1-18

Read with Me Bible Reference: Pages 415-421

Key Point of Passage: Jesus opened Saul’s eyes so that Saul was changed into someone who was against Jesus into someone who worked for Jesus.

Memory Verse: “Come follow Me”, Jesus said (Mark 1:17). 

Questions for Discussion:

1)      When Saul was on the road to go put believers in prison, he met Jesus. What did he see and hear?

2)      Afterwards, Saul was blind, but God sent Annanias to pray for him. When Annanias prayed for Saul, what happened? Could Saul see then?

3)      After this, did Saul continue to be against Jesus, or did he start following Jesus and working for Him?

4)      The Bible says that each of us has to decide is we are going to live our lives against Jesus, or if we are going to follow Him like Saul did. Let’s pray that we will all choose to live FOR Jesus instead of against Him.

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