Easter Picture Books for Children

This week, we’d like to highlight some picture books that parents can use to help their preschoolers learn the true story of Easter:

My Easter Basket and the True Story of Easter by Mary Manz Simon

This board book teaches about the real meaning of Easter using different colors of things found in an Easter basket. It’s a simple, gentle introduction to the Easter story that could be easily duplicated in your child’s Easter basket.

The Best Thing about Easter by Christine Tangvald

This book is a nice explanation of how we can enjoy many different things at Easter time (candy, dying eggs, new clothes), but that none of these things are the best thing about Easter. The book makes no mention the Easter bunny, if that is a concern of your household.

The Parable of the Lily by Liz Curtis Higgs

This is a beautiful story about a little girl who receives a mysterious gift. She’s disappointed when it turns out to be a bunch of dirt and tosses the lifeless bulb away. She is surprised when the bulb comes to life as a beautiful Easter lily! It teaches children about the power of grace and forgiveness. (One of a series of four parable books which correspond to each season)
Easter Bunny Are You For Real? by Harold Myra

This book tries to answer the question “what does the Easter Bunny have to do with Easter”? It teaches children about the true meaning behind the traditions our culture uses to celebrate Easter and Spring. While mentioning the Easter Bunny, it never really answers the question of whether the Easter Bunny is real. [So it won’t ruin the fun if the Easter Bunny visits your family.]

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