Family Devotions from Sermon for Elementary, Sunday Mar 18: Genesis 14

Bible Text: Genesis 14 click on link to see NIRV text).

Key Point(s) of Passage: God blessed Abram and helped him rescue Lot, who had been kidnapped by enemy kings. Then Abram met Melchizedek the priest and king.

Memory Verse: “Give praise to God Most High. He gave your enemies into your hand.” (Ge. 14.20).

Questions for Family Discussion:

You do not have to go through all the questions – pick and choose whatever you feel will work best for your particular family.

1. Preparation – Pray a quick prayer together as a family that God will help you to understand His word.

2. Find an easy to read version of the Bible to read together as a family. The NIRV (New International Reader’s Version) is a good choice for elementary kids. Then if your child is able, help them find the passage in their Bible and read it out loud, while helping with hard words. Or read it out loud for your child.

3. It is easy to get lost in the details of the first part of Ge. 14. If necessary, you can just summarize for your child what happened – there were four kings (and their armies) who got together to fight against five other kings (and their armies). The king of Sodom and the king of Gomorrah were part of the five kings group.  Lot was Abraham’s nephew. Lot lived in Sodom. The group of five lost the battle, and the people of Sodom (including Lot) got captured and taken away. Now read with your children starting in verse 12.

4. Read verse 12. What happened to Lot? What do you think it would be like to be captured and taken away from your home?

5. Read v. 13-14. Why do you think the man that escaped came to see Abram? What did he tell Abram? What did Abram do? How brave would Abram have to be to take only ~300 men and chase down four kings and their big armies?! Why would Abram do that? How is that like what Jesus did for us? (Jesus was just one man fighting against everyone’s sin and death. Yet Jesus conquered death and saved us! And he saved us not just from being captured or physcially killed like Lot, but rather Jesus saved us from a much more permanent spiritual death!)

6. Read v. 14-17. Did Abram win with his small group against four mighty armies? How do you think he was able to do that? (It could be superior military tactics—it doesn’t say exactly how they won, but in one way or another it was certainly God blessing and helping Abram! In v. 20 it says that “He [God] gave your enemies into your hand”).

7. Who came out to meet Abram in v. 18? Can you say his name 7 times fast? What was his job (he was a king, and also a priest of the one true God)? You can read more about Melchizedek in Hebrews , ch. 7. He is a prototype that points forward to Christ – Christ is the King of Kings, and the Priest that perfectly reconciles us to God. That might be a tough concept for kids though.

8. What does it say in v. 20 that Abram gave to Melchizedek? (He gave him 10% of his money/possessions). Why do you think he did that? What are things we can give to support God’s work? (For example, giving money to your local church, or a charity, or a missions organization, or giving possessions away to people in need).

Family Activity Idea
1. Watch a family-friendly movie that is about somebody being rescued that was lost or captured (for example, 101 Dalmatians, or Finding Nemo). Then talk about how Abram did something similar by rescuing Lot. And even more importantly, show how Jesus did something similar -but infinitely more amazing- by dying on the cross to rescue us from sin and death.

2. Be honest as a family about whether or not you are supporting God’s work with your money and possessions, like Abram did with Melchizedek the priest. What can each member do? For example, if your child has a small allowance, teach them early on to give a percentage of that to support God’s work in some way. Or do they have possessions that could be given away? And as parents, WE need to set the example with our own finances and possessions.

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