Family Devotions from Sermon for Elementary, Sunday Mar 4: Genesis 12.5-13.5

Bible Text: Genesis 12.5-13.5 (click on link to see NIRV text).

Key Point(s) of Passage: Abram goes to the land God promised him, but has to flee to Egypt during a famine. While in Egypt, he lies to Pharaoh but God protects Pharaoh’s and Abram’s households from harm.

Memory Verse: “The LORD appeared to Abram at Shechem. He said, “I will give this land to your children after you.” So Abram built an altar there to honor the Lord, who had appeared to him.” (Ge. 12.7).

Questions for Family Discussion:

You do not have to go through all the questions – pick and choose whatever you feel will work best for your particular family.

1. Preparation – Pray a quick prayer together as a family that God will help you to understand His word.

2. Find an easy to read version of the Bible to read together as a family. The NIRV (New International Reader’s Version) is a good choice for elementary kids. Then if your child is able, help them find the passage in their Bible and read it out loud, while helping with hard words. Or read it out loud for your child.

3. Read ch. 12, vs. 7 – what did God tell Abram? What did Abram do in response? Why?

4. Read 12.8 – it says that Abram “worshiped the Lord” when he got to his new country/home. Why do you think he did that? (It is speculation as to exactly why – it could be thankfulness for God taking him to a strange land safely, or recognizing God’s power, or maybe he was still a little scared being in a strange place and wanted to connect with God to feel peace, or maybe he was asking for God’s blessing on his new home). When are good times for us as Christians to worship God? What does it mean to worship God? What is worship really all about?

5. Read 12.10-20. Why did Abram go to Egypt?

6. Why did Abram tell Sarah to tell the Egyptians that she was his sister? What was Abram afraid of?

7. What happened to Pharaoh and everybody in his palace? Why do you think God did that?

8. Was Abram acting out of faith or fear when he lied to Pharaoh? Is it ok to ever lie? Why or why not? 

9. Read 13.1-5.  Why did Abram build an altar again after coming back from Egypt? What is an altar? Why did Abram worship God again?

Family Activity Ideas
1) Parents – share with your children about a time that like Abram, you were afraid of something and acted out of fear. Then have your children share a time that they were afraid of something and how it went. How can we trust God more in situations like that? 

 2) We see at the beginning and end of this passage that Abram built an altar and worshipped. Worship seems to have been part of the normal pattern of his family’s life. Have a short time of family worship – each person could share a short prayer to God for something they are thankful for. Then play one or two of your favorite worship songs and worship together as a family. Then close with a short prayer.

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