Family Devotions from Sermon for Elementary, Sunday Feb 19: Genesis 11.27-12.9

Bible Text: Genesis 11.27-12.9 (click on link to see NIRV text).

Key Point(s) of Passage: God calls Abram to go to a new land, and Abram does. God promises to bless the world through Abram.

Memory Verse: ” I will bless those who bless you. I will put a curse on anyone who calls down a curse on you. All nations on earth will be blessed because of you.” (Ge. 12.3).

Questions for Family Discussion:

You do not have to go through all the questions – pick and choose whatever you feel will work best for your particular family.

1. Preparation – Pray a quick prayer together as a family that God will help you to understand His word.

2. Find an easy to read version of the Bible to read together as a family. The NIRV (New International Reader’s Version) is a good choice for elementary kids. Then if your child is able, help them find the passage in their Bible and read it out loud, while helping with hard words. Or read it out loud for your child.

3. Read ch. 12, vs. 1 – what did God tell Abram to do? Did God tell Abram yet where he was going? Would it be hard for you to move to a new country without knowing where you were going? Why or why not? How can we trust God in situations like that?

4. Read 12.2 – God told Abram he would become a great nation! How do you think that would that feel to have God say something like that to you? What nation was God talking about? (The nation of Israel; in a spiritual sense, all believers in Christ are “grafted in” [see Romans 11] to the nation of Israel)

5. Read Galatians 3.7-9 – Who else are “children of Abraham” (Abraham is a later name for Abram) ? St. Paul is telling the Galatians that one of Abraham’s distant descendants (like a great-great-great grandchild) was Jesus Christ – so those who believe in Jesus are like children of Abraham!!! So what do you think the Bible means when it says “All nations will be blessed because of you” ? (The whole world is ultimately blessed through Abraham’s later relative/descendant – Jesus). How is Jesus a blessing for all nations? (Also see Galatians 3.14).

6. Read Genesis 12, verse 4 – So after God told Abram to leave to go to a new country, what did Abram do? Would that be easy or hard to do? Why?

7. Read 12.8 – it says that Abram “worshiped the Lord” when he got to his new country/home. Why do you think he did that? (It is speculation as to exactly why – it could be thankfulness for God taking him to a strange land safely, or recognizing God’s power, or maybe he was still a little scared being in a strange place and wanted to connect with God to feel peace, or maybe he was asking for God’s blessing on his new home). When are good times for us as Christians to worship God? What does it mean to worship God? What is worship really all about?

Family Activity Ideas
1) Parents – share with your children about a time that like Abram, you felt God calling you to go in a new direction (moving houses, changing jobs, getting married, etc.). Talk about the process of trusting God in your situation. Like Abram, is there a way that you can now see looking back, that what seemed like a scary situation at the time, has turned out to be an opportunity to bless others?

2) Take a “trust walk”. Abram had to go to a new place without fully knowing where he was going! Blindfold one person. One other person in the room has to guide them to a new location using only their words (go left, go right, jump, crawl, etc.)! Introduce obstacles or increase the distance if it is too easy.

For an extra challenge, have a few different people shout out bad directions, and have only person giving the right directions. See if the person can pick out the one, true voice. That is a good object lesson in how we need to learn to hear God’s voice in the midst of many voices in the world that are trying to lead us.

3) This is a “choose your own adventure” of sorts! Through Abram, God ultimately blessed the whole world! As a family, think of somebody you can work together to bless this week (outside of your immediate family). It could be a neighbor, or a friend at work or school. Then come up with a tangible way to bless them this week (bake them cookies, shovel their snow, ask them if would like prayer, etc.) – and do it!

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