Upper Elementary Sunday Feb 12: The Wise Are Self-Controlled (Fear of the Lord)

Key Verse: 

A fool gives full vent to his anger,
but a wise man keeps himself under control.
Prov 29:11 NIV

Key Themes: 

  • The wise man has self-control; the fool is impulsive.
  • The wise man speaks to himself rather than listens to himself.

Additional Texts: 

Prov 20:3
Prov 16:32
Prov 21:20
John 18:10a
2 Sam 16:5-13
James 3:1-12
1 Pet 2:21-23
Prov 25:28
Prov 14:29

Discussion Questions: 

1. What does it mean to listen to your “self”?

2. Why is it hard to STOP listening to ourselves?

3. Why is it hard to GO and be self controlled?

Application Points: 

1. Discuss with your child the areas in which he exhibits self-control, and the areas in which he needs to gain more self control. Remind your child that lack of self-control is acting on our impulses instead of talking to ourselves and telling ourselves how to react.

2. Remind your child that one way to gain self-control is to speak to yourself rather than listening to yourself. Explain how important it is to tell yourself what you will do, rather than just following your impulses.

3. Make a “stoplight” with your child and label it in the following way:

RED- STOP! Don’t listen to your “self”
YELLOW- WAIT! Think, pray, decide, and talk to your “self”.
GREEN- GO! Walk in the way of the wise. Act with self-control.

Hang the stoplight in a prominent location as a reminder to your child and the rest of the family.

4. Help your child this week to go through the “stoplight” steps toward self-control when he faces situations that test his self-control. Remind him that self-control is more than just “practicing the right steps”. It is an attitude of wanting to control our fleshly impulses. The “stoplight” steps are just a tool to help train a willing heart.

5. Pray with your child for a willing heart.

Worship Songs: 

Sing or listen to some of the following songs with your children throughout your week. Note: Names in parentheses are original authors, not necessarily the recording artist. 

Day by Day (Lina Sandell/Oscar Ahnfelt)

Do to Others (Frank Hernandez)

May the Mind of Christ, My Savior (Kate B. WilkinsonCyril Barhan-Gould)

More and More Like Jesus (Kevin Thompson)

Overcome Evil with Good (Frank Hernandez)

Without Complaining (Frank Hernandez)

The Fruit of the Spirit (Frank Hernandez)

You Are My All in All (Dennis Jernigan)

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